I am not what I appear to be anymore than you are what you appear to be, but I know that you will not be comfortable until you feel that you have classified and categorized me.

So that I do not disappoint  you, I will try to provide sufficient detail for you to file me into your unique filing system of worthiness.  Feel free to flag my file with whatever biases, prejudices, conjecture, and  speculation that will keep me within a “one of them” classification.

I am a man.

I was born in 1952.

My parents and their parents are of European decent.

I joined the Navy in 1972 to avoid the draft.

I lost my 2oth birthday crossing the International Date Line to meet my ship in the Philippines.  At the time, I’d thought that the Philippines were somewhere in the Caribean.

My ship was the USS Nitro (AE-23) and had left Davisville, RI just a few months earlier to head to Viet Nam. As the ship pulled out of Naragansett Bay, 7 young enlisted sailors jumped off the fantail of the ship in protest of the Viet Nam war.  The Coast Guard scooped them up, returned them to the Nitro, and the Nitro 7 spent the whole cruise working as Mess Cooks in the galley.



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