Category Winners (2 of 2) – Empire Avenue Blogathon #EAV–Blogathon

Empire Kred

Three weeks ago Empire Avenue invited members to write blog posts about the site and 48 people responded , a big thank you to  everyone who took part.

We are grateful to Brian Hawkins (e)HOTBLOGTIPS who has judged the competition

We are now releasing the second set of category Winners


Sally Witt (e)SALLYKWITT How To Get An Effective Start

Paul Spoerry (e)PAULSPOERRY  Empire Avenue and Social Media Missions


Ron Callari (e)RONCALLARI Going Nuts For Squirrelly Memes (2014 Update) 


Detlev Artelt (e)DET  WHY EMPIRE AVENUE ?

Best Ode to (e)SQRL 

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Wanderin Poet (e)KADOHINST  Empire Avenue Players ~ (E)SQRL

We will announce the top 3 blog posts on Monday 


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The Empire Avenue Blogathon Winners 2014 #EAv-Blogathon

Empire Kred



Hunain Naseer

Professional Content Developer, experienced in Copywriting, Content Marketing, Editing, Blogging, Graphic Design and WordPress.

(e)HUNAIN The Ultimate Social Tool – An Empire Avenue Guide for Beginners

I had read about Empire Avenue but hadn’t tried it until a week ago, and now that I have, I wish I had signed up earlier. We all know how important social media is, but it has become considerably difficult to use effectively without spending a lot of time, and in some cases, money. Regardless, whether you’re a blogger, content developer, writer or marketer, you cannot afford to ignore social activity, connections and engagement, which is where Empire Avenue comes in.

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2nd Place


Rick Thomas

SEO and Social Media Marketing for Ft Myers Small business by Rick Thomas, Social Media/SEO Consultant. Internet Advertising for Ft Myers Florida Small Businesses. Company Facebook Page Creation and Management

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Empire Avenue Share-A-Thon Winners

Empire Kred

Writing a blog post is the first step , the next step is attracting people to read it which means getting the word out.

This is the true strength of Empire Avenue , members will actively promote each others blog posts extensively.

So after our Blogathon competition this is what happened next .

Everyone got involved , our special thanks go to the people mentioned below


All the enthusiasm and support for the Share-a-thon made it very very hard to select the SuperSharers!

Judging was based upon scope of sharing – the more networks, the better – and the impact of shares.

Each winner will receive 5 million eaves, to be awarded next week.

Pieter Collier                           (e)BEREN
Keith Gill                                   

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Peoples Choice Winners .. Empire Avenue Blogathon #EAV–Blogathon

Congrats to Paul, Harold, & Charles: pillars on Empire Avenue. Well done!

Empire Kred

Three weeks ago Empire Avenue invited members to write blog posts about the site and 48 people responded , a big thank you to  everyone who took part.

This was followed by a weekend of voting during which all members could vote for their favorite blog post .

We are now releasing the results of the Peoples Choice Votes

Congratulations to Paul , Harold and Charles – the people have chosen your posts as their favorites by both voting for and promoting them on Twitter , Facebook and Google + . You  each win 5 million eaves.

Prizes will be awarded by Empire Avenue next week.

Paul Steinbrueck (e)/PDSTEIN 


5 Reasons to Take a Drive Down Empire Avenue

‘This week Empire Avenue has been doing a blog-a-thon.  It’s a great idea to rally EAvers to blog about Empire Avenue and get some bring some additional visitors and publicity to their blogs…

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